Mar 4, 2015

FP Red Bull Foiling Generation Session pics

Images Red Bull & Alex Udin. more later at CSN FB. - Talking with Alex about the age of the kids he said all were around 20s, and not Cat experts. If you look close on the video Red Bull shows some 'punches' & trapeze flights trips, although he reports not a single full pitch that day with 12-18knots winds. 

He remarks that the FP is safer than floating mode racing boats and In that sense foils provide somehow safer rides on the additional lift generated + winglets to avoid hard frontal pitchs, as I saw live at Carnac, plus the experienced 20 crews here , plus my experience with the Exploder A with local chop & high winds where you actually ride above the waves even in non fully foiling mode , indeed frontal pitchs are a rare thing.

But I maintain that you will need hours on the new double handed foilers, beyond their superior fligh capabilty compared to current As development, to achieve smooth rides above 10knots.
Alex is coming to BA for the local  FP  first ride, so the awaited Match is getting closer and we will have a fest testing these incredible machine against each other.