Mar 4, 2015

Artemis AC45 @SF by John Navas

Another must see video from John Navas, follow him in twitter at -  Artemis AC45 training at SF.  Although they are testing the boat out of the modifications shed, It looks like their first stepped foils were more stable than current version. But I doubt that version foiled upwind.   Check foil rake too at 1:49

If the 45s were already one of the best designs ever made, the AC teams are transforming them in even better boats, right now there is not major weapon around in the sailing World than these modified ex floating cats.
The low freeboard design (but mixed with with appropriate width volume) have shown excellent margin in the AC series in +25 knots racing in UK and other windy venues, beyond I thought they wouldn´t pass the test when first launched.

Current beachcat foiler designs like FP & Nacra are not 100% foiling targeted designs, as both comes from floating mode camps (F18 & Nacra 20 flaoting version) , so without a doubt new foilers arise with refined hulls with less volume / aero drag optimized.
The AC45 looks like already designed in this regard, and continue to confirm what a great boat  Oracle past technical team lead by Mike Drummond has delivered.

Read about the AC45 concept on a Q&A we did with Mike in Feb 2011 at

Designers involved in the AC45 initial concept were:
- Michel Kermarec – appendages, general design
- Manolo Ruiz de Elvira – hull
- Dirk Kramers – general design, structures
- Joseph Ozanne/Mario Caponnetto – wing aero
- Scott Ferguson – wing structure
- Mike Drummond – general design input

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