Mar 20, 2015

A-Class: The ""Editor"" Learning to Fly the Exploder

Another great day of sailing here in BA. Today I left my friends on the FP & F20FCS and went to continue learning to foil the Exploder.

I can tell you one thing, the level of satisfaction or achievement on flying an A-class on current foil conf has no par.

Good video to see how dynamic is to sail  and handle foiling while learning, I had already better rides than today, but this one is nice to see the work load involved, including final shot.
Best sequence at 1:50.

FP ? F20FCS?  Those stable flyers out of the box are for 'rookies'! Don´t waste time and try to learn foiling one of these in current state of development, Historic times and I feel lucky to be a part of it.

Martin -
Equipment: Exploder A14 with J + T Rudders 80cm, Saarberg Mast, Landenberger Radial sail