Feb 15, 2015

Martinique Cata Raid 2015: Video by Vincent Guého

For Martinique 2015 results & pics by Contin check Martinique Cata Raid label.
-- Video and report sent by Vincent Guého:
"Hi Martin, I was in the Caribbean past weeks, sailing on the new F16 made by the Italian company Bimare, the "Bimare X16F", at the Martinique Cata Raid. I just finished a movie about our regatta and holidays we spent there with my friend Capucine.

I went to Martinique 10 years ago for this competition, in 2005. At that time, it was open to all kind of catamaran and I raced in Hobie 16. Before 2012, the competition was a local regatta.
Now you have teams coming from Belgium, Great Britain, Switzerland and other islands in the Caribbean.

If you're writing something about this competition in the near future, I just want to share that it's a regatta which needs to be done one time in your cat sailor life! People over there are very kind and the landscape is amazing (and it's always windy and sunny). We were 36 teams, with 32 F18 but only 4 F16. We had a blast and I hope I can come back there next year!"