Feb 14, 2015

205 NM in 24hs on a Formula 18

Many F18 sailors are used to cruising raid and crossings, doing 205Nautical Miles on a Capricorn is an additional challenge. The Capricorn is one of the fastest boats but somehow tricky downwind, not the best feature to stand storms for ie. But with some experience it is possible to handle the 'Good Old Cap', as these German sailors refer to their F18. Report sent by Martin Raben. More pics at goodoldcapricorn.blogspot.de :

"Despite all the big transatlantic adventures, we tried to have our own Weekend-Adventure suitable for a ‘normal’ life schedule.

Last Year we sailed on our class legal F18 catamaran 26h including 2 nights non-stop in the South Funen Archipelago, just to try the touring capability of our boat. Maybe some other hobby-sailors want to set up a 24 hour distance record themselves and are interested in our story (205 nautical miles).

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sz6hhIVZcdc
Text+photos: http://goodoldcapricorn.blogspot.de/ (german)

Best regards,
Martin Raben & Sebastian Zabel

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