Feb 19, 2015

Buenos Aires, Feb 17 2015: "Good Winds" , A-Cats & Nacra F20FCS

We live in Buenos Aires, literally 'Good Winds' for Navigation. Video above is interesting to see the Nacra F20 FCS power upwind in floating mode, an Exploder 2014 with J & T Rudders vs a DNA with Dna J 2013 version plus 70cm T Rudders. Same Saarberg Mast & Landy 3DL. The Exploder guy manage some skimming + airborne time to pass it from behind. The DNA is faster upwind with that conf. Guys are training for Punta Ala.

Lots of A-Cat and F20 training here in BA. RAW footage of the 20 in good winds also to see actual non edited sailing.
But on flat days the guys are managing stable flights on the 20. Fer van West will give a Clinic in our club next weekend. Speeds recorded till now for the Nacra 20 are 26knots foiling and 19knots upwind floating vmg mode.

F18 Season start Feb 28th. Already managing details with CFD/ 3D specialists Gonzalo Redondo and Marc Menec to give final details to the F18 OP CAD, a final refined version by Pros for Jakub's routing in some weeks. More on this later.

Great week of sailing here in BA. I mainly did windsurf with the family, wife & kids. Marcos (9yrs) grabbed the sil for the first time and in 5mins he was sailing already. Really proud on him and Tommy WSurfing with Mom.

Windsurf gets me on shape, as trapeze downwind in the As is quite demanding in high winds.