Feb 6, 2015

AC35. Artemis:'Overhaulin' the 45 & Percy on Bermuda as a 'Tricky venue"

Image Left: What it looks like a new Artemis boat is indeed a modified AC45: - - Beams shape
- Hull flares at deck level
- Transoms shape
- Pod 
- Front beam and dagger case moved forward?
Plus additional changes we are not seeing. Oracle did similar mods to their own 45s. Below standard foiling 45.

Iain Percy on Bermuda:
"Artemis Racing team manager Iain Percy says he’s very excited about the prospect of racing in Bermuda, which he is calling a tricky venue that will demand the best from the sailors.
“I’m really excited about Bermuda,” he says. “You’ve always had the old adage in the America’s Cup that the fastest boat wins, but this is a tricky venue. We’ll all have to wake up. It’s going to be shifty with a wide range of conditions and that’s going to be a new element. Strategy and tactics will be a big factor in this venue.”

Source & full report at  americascup.com/en/news/143_Percy-This-is-a-tricky-venue.html

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