Feb 2, 2015

'A40', the RC Model Cat from Flying Hulls

Catsailingnews welcomes the A40 from Flying Hulls as new site sponsor.
The A40: Extreme Sailing in a Convenient Package - www.flyinghulls.com
"FlyingHulls is now taking orders for the A40, a new radio control sailing catamaran designed for fast speeds and adrenaline-pumping racing. With over 90% of the kit components made of carbon fiber, the A40 delivers the kind of exhilaration sailors have come to expect from the full size extreme sailing cats racing on the grand prix circuits of the world.

The A40 is available in a range of kit bundles designed for every modeling taste that range from a completely finished boat shipped assembled down to a basic kit without onboard electronics. Those sailors who want completely custom graphics and finished hulls will find FlyingHulls able to provide any customization they require quoted upon request. The Enhanced Kit provides good value providing servos and choice of hull graphics. A choice of standard sail graphics is also available for a slight upcharge. The kit is designed for easy assembly with household tools, with recommended glues and sealants readily available in home improvement stores and hobby shops. At 32” long (.81 Meter) and 21” wide (.53 Meter) You can put the A40 in the back seat of your car and still have room for a passenger.

A completely new approach to sail control has been developed that makes rigging the A40 considerably easier than previous RC sailboats, using a push-rod system for controlling the rotating mast and a unique jib (front sail) sheeting system that is extremely simple to set-up and adjust.

Continuing development to refine speed and handling is part of the FlyingHulls philosophy, with equipment upgrades provided when a performance improvement is discovered. Flyinghulls is currently testing hydrofoils on an A40 and hopes to be able to offer them as upgrade in two to three months".-