Jan 7, 2015

Punta del Este 2015: "Flying in a Blue Dream" II

Punta del Este is one special place for sailing, located in the Uruguay coast, two hour Ferry from Buenos Aires.
In 2008 we delivered the first Uru F18 , and we filmed a smooth video in Punta Ballenas, one of the area bays.
Old videos from YT have gone super low quality, but it was nice blue Sea/Sky/Spi ride edited with Satriani's song.

Now 7 years later new foiling tech available made a real flying dream come true. Juan & Nico foiling the Nacra 20 FCS with style.

In contrast check previous post, a Dakar Rally tough ground vs Formula 1 Circuit scenario, but those  river muddy/choppy waters made these two guys above the fastest crew a past 2014 US F18 Nats.