Jan 7, 2015

A-Class: BA SouthEast Chop

Video I managed to shoot past weekend with a good 14knots Southeastern. Sailing or racing F18s is already tricky in these conditions, steady foiling while learning to fly is rather a good challenge.
Good footage to see also this learning process and how you start getting used to fly current A conf. 

These two boats are 2014 Expoders J boards, 80cm T Rudders.

We all saw Dna Z board rides and latest pics/videos from Australian Nats Exploder new foils, and is clear these guys with those new boards will fly steadier with less work.
Check constant trim I'm always talking about the sailing technique on current flying As, maximized on the river chop.

Julito and Ian also sailed the Nacra 20 as another top local sailor, I sailed the FP, and we all agree nothing can top the As dynamics and fun, it is simply more challenging and gives you incredible rewards when you manage to control some air time.

The 20 and FP are just too perfect, of course great fun, but between both we choose the current hard learning process and required skills to sail the A-Cats. 

The 20 & FP requires skills, and they are not for everyone, they just have an automatic flighting mode available.
Two different experiences in the end as seen in the FP videos I published from Carnac and you will see tonight in high contrast with this video above on some smooth Nacra 20 flying rides from Punta del Este.

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