Dec 16, 2014

NACRA 20FCS 2014: First Look

In May when I traveled to Carnac Eurocat, the Nacra 20FCS was not still in series production. Nacra following the trend set by the Flying Phantom and post AC flying frenzy decided to launch their own 'beachcat' double handed foiler based on their Nacra 20 platform.
I told you I will have available the entire quiver of flying cats in my backyard in 2015 and now the Nacra FCS has arrived.
Just first looks shows excellent quality built from Nacra, with Harken hardware , Hall Spars mast and fine detailed finish in the whole product. Only little 'complain' again is that they need to equip this F1 with a mandatory carbon snuffer to remark even more this kind of special cat weapons. More detailed pics later as done with the FP.

Boat was sailed yesterday, I will put my head together and will go for some footage tomorrow and some sailing later in the week to compare with the FP and give you first hand feedback on both boats. Production FP is coming in January and we will make our own Long Distance raids and benchmarks.

Before any sailing, and as first looks I must say a truly impressive well put & clean package by Nacra, without a doubt their finest product yet. Congrats to Peter, Gunnar, Fer and the Morrelli & Melvin team. 

I requested to Gunnar the FCS racing schedule for 2015, still waiting for news. Check the Interview with Peter Vink & Ferdinand van West on the FCS development at