Dec 24, 2014

Nacra 20 FCS raw clip

Tried to stabilize the set of videos from this session but was impossible. Need the cam rig asap for our chop.
But worth to see the crew second session in bumpy conditions. Check  full report in previous post.

The crew is rather back, but remember this is a huge beast and it will get some time to mange its power and handling. That's where the FP might have an advantage, in the handling. Raw power should go to this , 6mts by 3,20mts wide beast and its bigger rig/sail plan.

Having both boats soon to do some 1 to 1 tests is going to be a nice benchmark for sailors aiming to get on of these weapons. Beyond the two live reports we've published in CSN this year.

Comments by Fer van West , Nacra 20FCS Design team member : " In regards to crew weight, if you have the elevator at 0 degrees (see owner's manual) the boat will stabilize  at 0 deg trim, then in general on the 20 the elevator will simply stabilize the boat out at 0 deg trim disregarding where the crew is positioned. 
This stabilizing of the elevator disregarding the crew pos counts if the crew is in between the rudder and Leading edge of the daggerboard."

I think downwind the crew is more backwards on the 20 than the FP indeed but not much. on the FP the foil is more front of their CG so they need to be forward to balance it."