Dec 23, 2014

A-Class: Vision camp going Airborne for 2015

Good to see Hans & Piet taking their time but finally playing the game. For a builder there is no greater challenge than keeping their equipment competitive, more in the development 'beachcat' Class by excellence. 

Rules discussions apart you can chose going 'Classic' or even playing in both fields, but standing ground in current historic development scenario marks your character as an A Class & Racing boat builder.
Sent by Hans Klok "This is the direction we have chosen for 2015 to get more stability in flying the Vision A-class catamaran. We have developed the concept further to have the possibility to adapt stability in flying.

To be able to react quickly with changes in the foils we can now mill our own models. The basic platform has already been proven to be very good for the transition into the flight, so this has modified only around the dagger board case to keep the platform stiffness, which is on top of all existing production A-class.

We will keep you posted for more news and wish all a Merry Christmas."
Hans Klok /