Dec 2, 2014

Nacra 17: Lange & Carranza training in Brazil for the South Americans

Santi Lange & Ceci Carranza had an impressive debut after a few months together in the new Olympic Nacra 17 Class, peaking at Santander Worlds where they ended second only behind the current indisputable Nr1 crew and the 2014 CSN Sailors of the Year Billy  Besson & Marie Riou.

The hardest working sailor in this team is definitely Cecilia, as they have defined she need to lose weight coming from her Laser sailing days.

So beyond the intense sailing sessions she is also on a full training program to adapt her body for the demanding task of crewing a powerful and lively cat like the Nacra 17.

Lange is 53, and pretty exited with this new campaign as he is fondly to comment, after his 2000-2008 campaigns having the opportunity to follow more closely his current road to Rio is a real privilege, as many of us here started sailing & racing cats on his Tornado Olympic rides.

Speaking about the Rio road, this time the Arg teams are being able to sail in the Olympic course quite often, it is a long car drive from Buenos Aires though, like 2600kms , but the chance to take their own boat and train in the Brazilian perfect climate and beaches compensate any long driving trip.

Next N17 events will be the South Americans to be held in Rio on December 9-11. NOR available here