Dec 3, 2014

Forward Sailing: New Catalog 2015

Forward Sailing was the impact vest provider for several Americas Cup teams at SF, including Oracle and Energy Team in the 45 series. Along their helmets they provide the best stuff in the market in that range. With the new foiling multis, wearing a helmet and impact vest are a must, even for performance floating racing like the F18.
Forward has been supporting CSN for two years now, and it is a symbiotic relation (as I have with many, if not all CSN supporters) as I end buying them back stuff for myself and our local fleet. I met Remi Finiel at Bordeaux, and I was talking about the detailed design of the helmets & jackets, when he told me he was an Engineer.. and it shows.

For 2015 FS launched some new specific protection stuff, like an interesting hybrid drysuit.  Entire catalog here. For more info contact Greg Toubel at 

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