Dec 3, 2014

Bimare launchs 'Classic' full floating 'Zero'

Bimare has been building As for decades. Providing local and international sailors a specialist builder factory alternative. Nowadays they have chosen to focus new developments in Michele's Petrucci Stunt 9.

And they are working for a new 'Classic'  floating Class based in their known Zero A platform. Bimare has always offered great cost bringing more sailors into the game. Only comment on this new Classic Association, is the small winglet feature will be allowed?

I have received in the past several feedback on the As like first  Dna going wild and pitching in high winds, even Nathan Outteridge told me he had some tough times in 20 knots while racing previous A gen.
In my personal experience I sailed/raced the floating Scheurer G6 with small winglets in 18knots at Bordeaux  without noticing any pitch motion, which was a great surprise for an A rookie. 

The issue on allowing small winglets might be, like  Scheurer G6 constant curved boards version, they can provide a skimming mode downwind.
If not allowed the Classic fleet might review the use of the first generation winglets as they are clearly helping sailors while sailing/racing in tough conditions.

To know more about the new Classic Zero and Bimare special offers contact them at