Nov 7, 2014

ISAF to decide Youth Multi , Nacra 15 recommended to the Council.

ISAF Will decide today and tomorrow Saturday the destiny of the new ISAF Youth Multihull.
A live streaming is available at . Really exiting stuff at the moment with 4 'long face' suit men listening Gary Jobson's speech behind....   Sport organizations should not copy or work like a full political body, of course it is in fact a political org, but I think more active sailors should be part of the 'high command' of the ISAF.

People with long experience in the game are without a doubt key players and needed to run such a huge powerful beast like ISAF, adding more younger / active sailors within the management  will provide a balanced perspective on recommendations & decisions making process.

These comments of course are not about the Youth Multi that in the end will not change much,  for instance here in Arg non SL16 or H16 were bought for youths and if the Nacra 15 is selected I doubt NAs will go running en masse to buy yet a new class boat,  as they will continue to use their current H16, SL16 and Formula 16 to train them, just remembers these guys were responsible of putting the Tornado out for the Star...

On our specific view regarding the new Youth Multi, check