Nov 7, 2014

Hobie 16 & 49er South Americans 2014

Image: Bernardita Grez & Sail Station. Brazil is hosting this week the 49er South Americans in Rio and the Hobie 16 SA plus Qualifier for Panam Games 2015 at Pernanmbuco.  Argentina has two young talented crews in each event: Yago & Klaus Lange , sons of Santi, were leading the event the first day and  Pablo Volker (420 World Champ, F18 local Vice Chanp 2013 helm) is embarking on a really tough goal with Sofi Tedín: Qualifying Argentina within an almost Pro  Hobie 16 fleet in this event with Brasil (Baby Arndt) , Venezuela (Yamil Saba)  and Mexico (Armando Noriega) also looking for a slot for Toronto.

At the recent North Americans Guatemala, US and Puerto Rico secured their spots. And now at Pernambuco 1 of the 4 flags will be out of the Panams.
It will be a huge achievement if H16 rookies  ARG Pablo Volker & Sofia Tedín can pull this one off against these multiple  H16  top riders & Panam medalists.

With Ian Rodger through Magic Marine Argentina, we are supporting the Langes & Volker among others.

- 49er South American Results Here - Pics Here
- Hobie 16 South info will be available later at Assoc Brasileira de Hobiecat