Nov 4, 2014

Flying Phantom: Film & Flight Production

Images Pierrick Contin / Phantom International. | If you are gonna build this kind of exclusive & expensive flying cat, you'd better do it with style.
You can´t build these things like a series of VW with standard features, you need to provide special and customized gear as is the intention with the FP. Udin is targeting to accomplish that goal, and production FPs are already leaving the factory at CMI. Nice for him to show the 'kitchen' too , of course you filter pics but is good to see internal structures, laminates, molds, and the 'assembly line'.

We will receive one production FP soon, and then we will confirm the new stage of the flying 18 footer. The FP I saw at Carnac was already a fine and reliable product, this one should be even better, but will see that soon, along the post customer service we pointed out critical.

Regarding the short film (embedded below too) it was classy too, although with such investment they left 2 mins out of the reel, it is too short! Good quality and pre/post production but in the end it lacked some frames to make a bigger impact with such material.

Nacras are coming too so we will have a testing fest for Catsailingnews at the end of 2014.  On a more humble goal, the idea is to launch the F18 OP production process in January, aiming for Kiel 2015 testing and peak for BA 2016 Worlds. The idea is also to provide an alternative platform for you to build your own Flying machine.

Fischer's idea to use the same hulls for the FP was brilliant, and we intend to offer the same alternative construction suited for the high structural demands of a foiling cat.

In the meantime we will sail again the FP and Nacras 20FCS here, drilling my friends heads had great results as now I will have a full quiver of Catsailing weapons right there in our club to sail & test.

Full FP Gallery at

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