Oct 12, 2014

F18 Arg, Buenos Aires Week 2014, Day 4: Gonzalez Smith-Heuser lead

Images Claudio Cambria / YCA . Not much wind today, a light east breeze like yesterday has put Gonzalez Smith-Heuser (Infision MKII) overtaking the lead from last weekend leaders, the Phantom teams of Blando-Quagliotti , Rodger-Aragones.

Yesterday a new mixed team raced in our local fleet when Pablo Volker and Sofi Tedín sailed together scoring 3,3,1,10. This crew will aim to classify for the next H16 Panams, and might form a good alternative for 2020 Olympics. The 2nd crew overall in the 29er fleet, Nahuel Martinez & Eugenia Bosco, have acquired a Nacra 17, and they might also aim for 2020.

Good to see several talented youths looking up to Multis here in Arg, definitely the best legacy delivered by the great work done by the local F18 fleet since 2006 plus Lange's past and current Olympics campaigns.

Full Results for all classes including Optis, Lasers and Soto 33s at http://www.semanadebuenosaires.org.ar/Section.aspx?Id=2293