Oct 12, 2014

Dutch Dragoon Cup 2014

Another good work for the kids this time from Netherlands.  The Hobie Dragoon is a great little cat for kids, I've seen them at Carnac, where 4? yrs old where rigging them to go out.
Dragoon Dutch Cup 2014 report Sent by A-Cat sailor Kees Kriger: -- 

"In 2007 Geert Schouten from Catclub Zeeland had the idea to start a youth sailing program with Hobie Dragoons. Nowadays 11 Dutch catamaran clubs are training youth on Hobie Dragoons and since 2010 they have compete the end of the season in the Dutch Dragoon Cup on the Veerse Meer in Zeeland. 

The Dutch Dragoon Cup has become very popular within 5 years, 39 teams entered the 2014 edition. During those five past editions, the best results were scored by the Belgium teams. 
In the past Henri Demesmaeker was a winner of the Dutch Dragoon Cup and is now very successful in the F16, in which he even became a World Champion at the age of 16. 

The final results of the latest edition of the Dutch Dragoon Cup again show Belgium winners in the C3 and the Dragoons, so compliments for their trainers!! http://www.catclubzeeland.nl/clubwedstrijden/DDC_2014.html 

Greetings, Kees Krijger