Sep 16, 2014

Nacra 17s @Santander Worlds 2014: Day 2

Wind has allowed today for the Racing to start after a first day without wind. Currently the Nacra 17 fleets are completing first race. Check updates in our Twitter account & bar to the right.
Update: That's it for today. 2 Races for Yellow and 1 only for the Blue fleet. Pics later.

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Race 1 Yellow:
1- Besson, 2- Mulder, 3-Bressani, 4-Cammas, 5-Lange, 6- Waterhouse
Race 2 Yellow:

1- Besson, 2- Jones, 3-McGregor, 4-Ogerau, 5-van der Velden

Race 1 Blue:
1- Buhler, 2-Saxton 3-Laugier, 4-Wilson, 5-Pietromonaco

Provisional Overall Results  Here