Sep 16, 2014

A-Class: Swiss Nats 2014 for Sandro Caviezel

Images:Henri Dessiex - Sandro Caviezel has won this weekend the 2014 Swiss Nats over a fleet of 25 As.
The Scheurer G7 team took  the 4 top spots with Sandro, Sascha Wallmer,
 Helmut Stumhoffer and Daniel Caviezel. 5th place for Mathias Dietz with a Nikita.
Sascha also won the last Italian Nats weeks ago held at the 2015 Worlds venue : Punta Ala.

The competition in the A keeps growing and many brands are getting new sales. As far as I know at least 1 DNA & Exploder containers are heading to the US.
The Vision already tested the foiling/skimming mode with good results at past Dutch nats, and Bimare has announced they will offer more alternatives. More on Bimare this week.

Check full results link and comments from Caviezel on the full foiling/skimming modes  I posted at IACA official web