Sep 24, 2014

AC 35th: Artemis & Oracle Flying Phantoms

Images sent by Nicolas Felix / FP International. The Flying Phantoms are being delivered. Two Americas Cup teams have officially ordered 2 each: Artemis & Oracle. Luna Rossa will get theirs too.
The Red Bull guys, Hagara & Steinacher launched their new Black Phantom and Artemis also have received and christened theirs, check Artemis Twtitter for pics.

In some months I will have 1 FP here to test again after I sailed her at Carnac, did not sailed much though and this time will be in our waters, this FP is bought by a local sailor. Also 3 Nacras F20 will arrive through the Nacra dealer.
So you will get lots of first hand info on matching performance, equipment and else. Plus some foiling Exploders & DNAs.  We will have 'Full House' in BA within some months.

Check more construction images at Phantom International FB Web