Aug 21, 2014

Hobie World Cat 2014

Press release sent by Jens Hannneman : 2014-08-17
Australia wins the Hobie World Cat 2014, followed by  Denmark and South Africa:

"The Australian Hobie 16 team James Wierzbowski / Pip Pietro Monaco have won the top Hobie World Cat 2014. On second place the Danish Vice World Champions Daniel and Nicolaj Björnholt and the 4 times World Champion Blaine Dodds / Roxanne Dodds from South Africa... 

After 11 races sailed in the waves of Westerland/Sylt (Germany), the Australians had nine points to the second place. But the night before the final day became apparent by the weather forecast, it would perhaps be no more races. The assurance came on Sunday morning.

"The surf zone makes it impossible to sail into the race area. The danger, the sailors could come to harm or material will be damaged is too high," says Jens Hannemann by the organizer Prosail Sail Events.

On the first day the conditions would it not have been better. In one of the

most challenging conditions for sailing catamarans in the world, the 10 of the best Hobie 16 teams in the world came from six continents to compete.

After stormy days on the North Sea island it was even for the best a real challenge to sail the surf zone. The Canadian team failed the very first attempt, capsized and the mast broke and destroyed sails. The German team Stefan Wiese-Dose / Susanne Gehrmann, who could win the week before the Final Race of Super Sail Tour at the same location, showed their skills on the water. However, an early start prevented in the third race a better overall placement.

On the second day 4 races have been sailed. More and more it became a fact that the team from Down could only beat itself or a material damage could prevent a victory.

On the third day the teams in the top ranking were highly motivated to sail forward. For team Dodds / Dodds (RSA) the conditions on Sylt were not so unusual, due to the sailing conditions off Cape Town in extreme waters. But the Germans and South Africans could not attack Australia seriously.

Germany at the end of 4th place and just past the podium. However, all the participants, especially the teams from Brazil, Australia and India, taking a lasting impression to their countries. They all have high goals in the future, Asian Games or campaigns for the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio.
What remains after the World Cat are stunning images, exceptional high performance on the water and many thousands of visitors who were able to follow the race action up close. "As a sailor once to get applause, is something beautiful," said Caroline Sylvestre from Brazil. "Those who can here on Sylt, it can be anywhere in the world," said the 19 year old Brazilian.

The organizers Detlef Mohr, even 12-times European Champion and Willi Trautmann of Prosail gave themselves finally satisfied with the Sylt Sailing Week. "In spite of everything for us, other than ideal weather in the week by former Hurricane Berta, we are very pleased with our event," says the veteran Willi Sylt Trautmann. "The Sylt Sailing Week has established itself as a high-profile sporting event on the island and found worldwide recognition," said Trautmann."

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