Jul 13, 2014

GER Pride x 4

Image Lanacion.com | The Panzer Division that destroyed Brazil was not that effective today in terms of goals, it was more the Schweinsteiger Show (who deserved MVP of the tournament with Mascherano..) , but they ended doing the Job the same.

Congrats to Germany on their 4th title. We are proud of the Argies too for the Guts, it was too close.  

Messi is... Messi, could have been immortal today but he will still have to manage the shadow of Diego in the field. He put a standard Arg team from the prelims in the Final and delivered in the first matches though. But full Glory is reserved to winners only, and the Germans won it good.
On a colour note Next F18 Worlds 2015 are going to be held in Kiel, Germany. 2016 in Buenos Aires...