Jul 10, 2014

Arg Pride 2014

Argentina reaches a World Cup Final after 24yrs. Final #5 for Arg.
I've seen 3 finals since I was born: 1978 (win Vs Ned),1986 (win vs Ger) & 1990 (loss vs Ger).
The best thing about this one is having my two kids experiencing that same great feeling of reaching a Final. 

I said many times that as a country we are a waste of lost opportunities. Football and Sailing are just sports but makes Life more entertaining, and one thing that remains untouched for us in any endeavour is full passion for what we do , for good or bad results of course, we left all we have, this site is a humble display of that passion applied to Catsailing.

In Football just check/read what Mascherano & Zabaleta did yesterday and you'll get a grasp of what that passion means.

For Catsailing news check below for  F18 Worlds, Nacra 17 Euros, GC32 doing 37,9knots, Scheurer G7 doing 24,3Knots and more. Live updates from Ireland  thanks to the great local coverage by the organization at twitter.com/F18worlds2014 &  Twitter bar to the right. Images by Jasper van Staveren