Jun 13, 2014

Texel 2014: FP, F20c or Mischa's Flying M20?

The Marstom 20 was the boat in past years targeted to win long distance races like the Round Texel (Check M20 label below) . Curved boards were tested with some unstable vertical lift, recent years it was a wing fitted at the Texel also, and for 2014 just when we were guessing who will win this edition between the Flying Phantom and the Nacra F20c Flying version, Mischa Heemskerk launches his modified M20 fitted with latest
C/J/L proven foil solution.

Heemskerk was the first to establish a focused flight on the As with the DNA Js + Landy's winglets, later was part of the Hydros C-Class foil project, and he is currently winning A-Cat events on this new flight mode.

So he is one of the most experienced cat foilers in the World.
Why he is not being called yet by an AC team is a mistery for me , just on having him providing feedback or teaching foiling dyncamis to new crews is worth the call.

Check Mischa's FB more pics https://www.facebook.com/mischa.heemskerk.3
More news on the Texel next week.