Jun 13, 2014

AC35, TNZ & Grant Dalton on the Protocol: "Is not that Bad"

Good to see the Kiwis going forward. Meanwhile Spithill is trying too hard acting as a 'bad boy', it adds to the Show & entertaining, but for him I prefer to remark the high guts and skills he showed in last two ACs. Specially while being against the ropes 8 a 1, you need special characters to keep pushing forward in those situations and Oracle was lucky to have him at the helm beyond any new flight control trick they might have  applied.

Team New Zealand in perspective did a better job than Oracle in AC34,  taking account the base point where both teams started to play for AC34. TNZ became Multihull experts in design & sailing in no time, while developing from scratch what is the defacto foil catracing setup nowadays. So they might feel even more confident for next Cup.