May 12, 2014

Eurocat 2014: Long Distance Record for Bontemps & Amiot on the FP

Great Image above by Pierrick Contin taken at Carnac, click for HQ - Eurocat Raid Video footage by Catsailingnews. -- 
Long Distances regattas are for taking your best weapon and breaking records, as Sunnucks has been doing for years at Carnac & Texel with the Marstrom 20, and then Nacra with the F20c.
Bontemps-Amiot went with the Flying Phantom to Carnac, and it took them 2 hours 5 minutes and 20 seconds to complete the Eurocat 2014 Raid, smashing the previous Eurocat record by

24mins, quite an achievement in the blue ribbon category.

I already reported on the raid here , but I also went through the short clips I took from the Long Distance and tried to make a story board of the race for those asking on the actual racing footage.
Video above was made only with clips from the actual race, upwind footage was almost unwatchable due to waves, but after a pass with the stabilizer I think they provide good info on how Gurvan & Ben manage those tricky conditions with the FP while aiming for optimal course.

The Goelo Raid had some long steady legs as seen in the video FP published some weeks ago, but at Carnac it was full work for the crew on the waves and unsteady winds, this make the record even more impressive as with more stable conditions the finish time would have been quite less indeed.

I had the chance to foil the FP at Carnac in perfect flat 8knots, and it is pure amazing fun beyond any racing class consideration, this fact is something people must start to grab about the new generation of flying boats. Being able to put this same boat on a 170 start lineup and go for the Long Distance circuits record it is an additional asset and challenge for future owners even beyond the OD circuit.

For a relaxed recreational foiling clip see Nathan's rides at Carnac

Official videos by FP still to be launched.
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