Mar 17, 2014

A-Class: Open letter by Lallo Petrucci

Open letter sent by Lallo Petrucci from  Bimare. We've published several builders positions on opening
the rules and towards foiling, Petrucci aims to keep things as they were previous the J daggers proposing a constant foil radius.  The objective side on Lallos comments  is that the Class had some excellent Formula leveled racing, where any design with a good sailor on board could aim to win.
The main aspect of the foiling transition we are seeing now, is that the Class will have a period where that formula leveled racing will need to be built again while the optimal flight solution arises within current rules.

It is clear that current positions just wont go away after what we've seen at Takapuna , and some Nat Assoc must put through the formal channels a new proposal, to be seconded and if support achieved then voted with a 2 / 3rds in favor to be passed. Meanwhile the rules will stay as they are and development will continue. 

Here in Arg, the 7 boat fleet recently formed is growing by 5-6 additional A-Cats being bought right now.

Open Letter by Lallo Petrucci.

IACA Committee's President
IACA Committee's Members
IACA Technical Committee's Chairman
IACA Technical Committee's Members
Chairmen of the National A class Associations

IACA Webmaster

"As a founding member of the Italian A Cat Association, perhaps the oldest national A cat association, and even more as the founder of BIMARE, the first boatyard worldwide to have started “mass” production of A class catamarans (back in 1973), I think we have the right to make public my position regarding the debate which is dividing A class members into the so called foiling and the non-foiling “gangs” .

Although I'm  not part of the Technical Committee, (incidentally I have never been invited to hold any position in it so far), I consider to have the duty to defend the interests of hundreds of BIMARE customers, who have made an essential contribution to the development of the A class all over the world in these last 41 years.

Therefore I formally submit to the IACA Committee, to the IACA Technical Committee and to the Chairmen of each A class National Association, a proposal to revise ASAP the A class box rule in order to avoid that the our loved class lives the months before the next Europeans in France and the following full year in a state of complete stalemate.

It seems in fact that a few would like to wait until the routine WGM scheduled during the 2015

Worlds of Punta Ala to count the numbers behind the foiling and the non foiling option. According to my opinion, on the contrary, any further delay may seriously harm all A class stakeholders.

My proposal is simple and straightforward. All it is needed is to add the following article to the current text:

8.3 Daggerboads have to be straight or curved provided that the radius of curvature is constant.

This rule would prevent any cheating and allow all owners entering class events to compete on equal terms (thus helping the members of the Technical Committee to fulfill the task it was estabilished for, i.e. to draft provisions NOT to make the A class catamaran a flying vessel). Unfortunately the Takapuna Worlds showed that they have done a poor job.

With the addendum of the article 8.3, NO A class design will fly anymore.

To prove my assumption I enclose a self-explaining drawing (with a few calculations) carried out about 10 years for a project of a 16’ catamaran.

Taking into account the dangers which threaten the future of the class (many already speak about standard “A” class for non-flyng and “A plus” class for flying A cats), I invite A class authorities to dare and take immediate and even “creative” action:

I suggest to hold an INFORMAL ballot among all A class members.

Ask simple and unambiguous questions to get clear answers.

If you deem it appropriate let’s have a vote on my proposal too, but please DO something.


There's no time to waste.

Yours sincerely
Lallo Petrucci