Feb 26, 2014

F18 Newsletter #7 , February 2014

Image above, Mixed sailing in the F18 , Blando-Bosco won this weekend in BA against the top local male crews.|
Sent by Don Findlay, Gral Sec International Formula 18 Catamaran Association
Newsletter No 7.
February 2014.

Dear F18 Sailors,
"The International Formula 18 Catamaran Association (IF18CA) are delighted to announce that they have joined forces with Jasper van Staveren to help support the marketing, communication for the F18 sailors. This is a major step for the Class and shows real confidence in the future at a time when multihull sailing has been so much in the public arena with the Olympic N17 and the success of the AC72’s.

Jasper is 37 years old and lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. After he got his Bachelor Degree in (marketing) communication he worked for 15 years in management roles at a large Telecom company in the Netherlands. In July 2013, he started his own company in communication, extreme sport photography and freelance text writing. He knows the F18 builders, coaches, sailors and most of the youth so knows what’s going on in the catscene.

Jasper will be attending to report on F18 regattas, as well as articles on key sailors in every F18 country and also talking to the technical people to give a real insight into their views on F18 racing.
He will not just be looking for the “hot shots” but also youngsters coming forward. Likewise it won’t be just the larger European memberships, but the smaller newer countries to F18 racing that need all his support.

We have prepared a detailed Marketing Plan as we seek a real expansion in F18 sailing, and will be presenting this to Council in next few days.

But it is not just us that provides information, websites are only as active as information that is fed to them, so PLEASE feed Jasper with details of F18 sailors and regattas on info@jaspervanstaveren.com or info@sailshoot.com . IF18CA wish him every success in his new role as we all work to move the F18 Class forward. We know that all members will welcome Jasper to his new role, but he has just joined us and then struck down with illness, so we all wish him a speedy recovery.

I set out recently to develop a Partnership Programme where we had help from companies and in return supported and promoted their work. The response has been very good and we get closer to the builders and sail makers who support our Class. We will be placing their company logos and website addresses on our website and supporting them as they have supported us. You will see further developments in the weeks to come and we sincerely thank them for their support.

Coaching up date.
We want to make the Class recognised as the Class that takes coaching seriously, we know that F18 sailors appreciate access to coaching from qualified sailors. Council asked for developments and we are responding.

I asked for nominations as to date we have received :
Hugh Styles UK.
Rob Wilson UK.
Helge Sachs Germany.
Sebastien Godefroid Belgium. (Coaching work load may be a problem.)
Coen de Koning Holland.
Karel Begemann Holland (Final qualification shortly.)

Other NCA’s are finalising nominations. MORE PLEASE.

As with all things, there are various views, some stating that coaches should have National Authority recognition, or at least IF18CA recognition to gain “central” funds for coaching, while others feel coaching from experienced sailors was to be preferred.

In 2004, a coaching DVD was prepared in France / Belgium and we have a copy and agreement to build some of their work into our new DVD. We will work with the coaches and try and recommend the best way forward. We are also “chasing” another company in UK that has specialised in water sport DVD’s. Thanks to Mike in USA for that contact. We will keep you updated on this development prior to any decision being made.

Worlds 2014.
Plans are now being finalised to make this a great family friendly regatta. Please follow the website 2014.f18worlds.com . Bangor is a fantastic family holiday area and all details will be on the website.

You will hear the word “craic” (pronounced CRACK) used in Worlds promotion, this is purely an Irish word that means good company with friends, music, food, good conversation with a little alcohol to help.

I have said before, and I guess I will say again, “This is a party NOT to be missed!” All social media will keep you well informed. Please go to the website and see the comments from friends all over the world.
Olivier and I are going to the Major Championship Launch on March 4th, we will provide all details as soon as we can.

Leaflet production.
F18 UK have produced a version of the German Calendar leaflet, a copy has been attached to this email. UK Chair, William Sunnucks has created a system with our printer where other countries can have similar adaptations made and this will be cost effective printing for NCA promotion. Please contact if you would like leaflets produced for your NCA. We are seeking to promote F18 AND keep costs to the minimum.

F18 Commercial website.
Again, I am still asking for more support. This IS the easiest way to earn money for the Class.

Every month we nominate a lucky winner from all the buyers of clothing. Last month, an Irishman, this month we move to Norway as Espen Skorstad has been the lucky winner. A special prize is on its way to Espen and we thank him for his support.

Just think what we could do, if Espen’s example was followed by all F18 sailors.
We will be adding to the range of clothing soon, so watch the website.

Calendar dates.
Thanks for sending the dates of regattas to Sanyi, we are building but there are many NCA’s who haven’t responded yet. It would be good to have all NCA’s answering to show the quantity and quality of F18 racing worldwide. One of our greatest assets is the worldwide nature of F18 sailing. Would all NCA’s please check and let Sanyi have dates to get the lists complete.

Container purchase.
We have looked at container purchase for long distance catamaran movement. It isn’t as attractive as first thought, but we are seeking ways of ensuring that NCA’s from Southern Hemisphere to get to Worlds 2014. In any World Championship we need representatives for all our countries. So let’s keep this on the agenda and see what progress we can make in the next month.

Additions to Cloth List.
The two new spinnaker cloths are now on the ISAF F18 Class website. Thanks to our ISAF friends for their work.

F18 Future.
As you read at the beginning of this Newsletter, we are developing as fast as we can to push the Class forward. Please we need help, your enthusiasm with sailors and especially past members who have let their membership lapse will help. Let us all have a real MEMBERSHIP DRIVE, and ensure that new members are welcomed back into the F18 family.

We have new money coming into the Class as the builders / sail makers make a real effort to support, but we still have one or two NCA’s who haven’t paid 2013 FEES. We have to support the builders as well, it is too easy to say that prices of boats has gone too high, I don’t think that many companies are making much, if any money, from building F18 catamarans.

As many know, I was a catamaran dealer for many years and sold hundreds of boats. If you look back at the prices of the new boats that I sold in 2003 and add a compound 3% each year until 2014, then you will come to the same price as quotations are today.

With the builders and marine industry, we are developing an F18 Partnership Programme, it takes two sides to have a partnership, let us make sure that we support our side.

The world economy is slowly gathering pace, we have done better than most classes, but need to keep the pace of development going. All of us !

Thanks for your support,

Enjoy the season !
Best wishes,

Don Findlay.
Sec. Gen. IF18CA.

Which do you all prefer, or any other suggestions. ?
“Life’s too short to sail slowly.. Sail F18”
“Friendly fun, fair and fast…F18”

Let’s know which you like !! or any other suggestions. Winner gets an F18 MUG!!