Feb 25, 2014

Extreme Series @Singapore: Pierre Le Clainche's report

Image above: Lloyd Images. Former Youth F18 World Champ helm, Pierre le Clainche suffered a tough injury in his arm while racing with Red Bull last year at Qingdao. After a long recovery period, that included several SUP sessions, he had the chance to sail again in the X40s with Cammas at Singapore. Pierre also came with Antoine Joubert to Buenos Aires to race in our F18 fleet back in 2011 and we expect him again for 2016. 
I'm Glad to see him back!

Report by Pierre: "I went to Singapore ready to sail, see all my X40 friends to let them know and show them that I’m back after a long recovery (1st May accident in Qingdao).

Saturday morning (a few hours before the crash) I received a SMS from Tanguy who wanted to invite me to the Groupama tender to see the regatta (I was in Alinghi Rib’s the other days) and getting ready in case of Sophie couldn’t have done the races after a little injury the day before.

I jumped onboard and enjoyed the regatta until the massive crash caused by Aberdeen
, that produced an incredible sound between cracked carbon and screams from the crowd. Unbelievable accident ! 
We all helped everybody, I took Tanguy out from the sea to the ponton and towed the mast and main sail to the technical area where we worked from the crash to midnight with all the sailors except Tanguy. 

The three boat builders worked all the night to set the boat ready for next day, and what an incredible job they did ! Before going to bed, at 10.00 pm Franck Cammas asked me if I was available to sail at the Tanguy’s role… I said yes ! It was an awesome and great opportinuty to sail with Franck, Sophie, Devan and Thierry. 

The sensation was just perfect, like before my accident. I spent an unbelievable day, the best one since my new life. I sweated every single day in my reeducation center with one thought : come-back onboard the Extreme Sailing Series. Now it’s done, some teams are interested in my profile and I can’t wait to sail again in Muscat."