Feb 8, 2014

A-Class NZ Nats: Images by Richard Gladwell - Sail-World/NZ

Images Courtesy of Richard Gladwell Sail-world.com/nz  || Still much to go, and Brewin already beat Mischa at Barcelona with standard Cs on his Nikita, and Worlds are yet to begin , (go to posts below for analysis) but these images and beyond any blablab analysis are just one of the best stuff I ever published , of course thanks to Richard Gladwell. Already linked below but check more images, reports and Interview with Burling and Ashby at  Sail-world.com/nz.

Comments from PJ: "Super cool, we started with this with Arno and Mischa about a year ago. Finally this will pay off at a big championship!

Sailing a Dna J-board is a thrill . Difficult and challenging but very cool feeling when you manage your first flights. Just like learning surfing , kiting and snowboarding. As soon you got the feel you are hooked !
The new boats for 2014 are a bit easier to handle we improved the set up and the foils, so the control is better. Now the average good sailor can handle it too!

Thanks to Richard to allowing to publish the images in our site too"