Dec 20, 2013

F18: Windrsuh Edge update

All Images Aku Aku Sailing Team. The Windrush from Australia continues to do good in Europe, nice to have several designs alternatives World wide. Report sent by Brett Burvill / Windrush Yachts -- "The Windrush Edge is still pounding out results steadily, For a boat with so few models made and racing with non pro teams on board it is amazing that it keeps coming up in the front of the fleets.
The Edge GBR500 was second in the UK nationals last weekend in the hands of Oli Egan and Chris Field, fresh from A cats.
The Edge ITA 2 was second in the Italian championships a few weeks earlier in the hands of Matteo Ferraglia and Lorenzo Bianchini. Missing out in the last race after a string of 1st and 2nd places.
The Edge AUS 504 was sailed by Brett Burvill and Ryan Duffield was second in the Australian titles back in January.

As it has only been raced in these 3 national championships this year with a few boats currently in the UK , Italy and Australia not a bad set of results. But no wins overall this year. ( last year the Edge was both the UK and Belgian championship winning design)

In the F18 World titles in Grosseto earlier this year the Edge had a heap of good race finishes but all the teams were too inconsistent to end up with a good overall result.
Various teams finished Races at the worlds in position , 2 , 3 , 4 , 6 , 7, 10 etc , in one race the Italian boys led almost the whole race only to be beaten to the line by World champ Billy Bason.

They had an unlucky series with a broken Spi halyard in race 1 of the Quali series while in the top 6 boats , a broken or untied trapeze dropper rope in race 3 when looking good up the first leg resulting in a capsize and broken tiller extension ending in a 40 + result they could well have been well into the top 10 at the end of the Quali series but for the bad luck.

The boats are still doing very well and with the movement in the Aussie dollar making export look more possible , we hope for a batch of boats to go to Europe and South America for next season.

We think that our price will be around 17500 Euro + Taxes landed in Europe.

We have a new mast section , rectangle boom section 76 x 35 suitable for internal sheeting or mid boom if people choose it and new beams being produced too, ( perhaps we can sell masts/ booms sections to you if you like it)
Our beams will still be the same size as the Tornado beams as we use now but just the internals are a little different to speed up production and simplify the assembly."

Brett Burvill - Windrush