Nov 13, 2013

New Kite Speed Record for Alex Caizergues: 56,62Knots

Image Aqua Terra Photos / Salt&Speed. Last week I asked current speed record holder Paul Larsen, if Kiters could get any closer to his 65knots record. Paul said yes, as Kiters do not have to deal with the foil limitations of his Vestas Rocket. But I think before kiters get Larsen, he and his flying Vestas will find another quantum leap in speed.  
Nevertheless achieving this range of speed for Kiters is impressive and even more dangerous than Vestas ride. Hat off to Alex Caizergues, pure guts, & balls of steel (edited accordingly..!). More info at Caizergues FB - Official Press release at - Previous Kite record was 55,65knots by Rob Douglas in 2010, Namibie.
Check board left, assymetric and similar to first production wakeboards or pioneer snowboards. Video below.