Nov 25, 2013

Flying Phantom Launch at Paris Boat Show: A Dream come True

Evolution is fueled by dreams. And some people dare to go beyond the status quo. In sailing the most notable will always be Nathaniel Herreshoff, designer & builder of Amaryllis cat back in 1876. Following his drive some others like Martin Fischer pursued their own breakthrough projects. As always beginnings are tough , and several changes were made since the initial Mayfly A-Cat concept. Although the main goal of achieving a flying racing machine was always there, even before Team New Zealand got it right at first try.

I remember showing Martin's work to an ACup team design member 1 year before NZ flight, of course I told to contact him inmediately but I think he didn´t made that call.....
At that time (Mayfly launch) Alex & Fischer were working in the F18 field, and they decided to continue working together to launch Flying Phantom Project. 

3 years of testing, development plus valuable help & feedback from others like Groupama Sailing Team, have ended in a milestone production offer of that early concept.

When Oracle launched the AC72 concept we thought "this is the future now"... how far those renders were from what we saw at San Francisco and we are seeing today. Now this concept right here, will be hard to surpass in years to come for a course racing Cat cause as we talked with Paul Larsen, a gliding craft can only become the next step.

Check some incredible fast & stable footage below and clicking main image. More info at