Oct 8, 2013

New Gunboat G4: Next Generation Racer-Cruiser

If we already liked the SIG45 , what we can say about this one? The concept defines it 100%: "To make a big small boat and not a small big boat"
Peter Johnstone from Gunboat contacted me two weeks ago to place an ad banner, later past week he announced that they were launching a new project that I would surely approve.  Told him that nothing was 'wrong' with his Nigel Irens 60 ... Lets put it this way, If I would have stay at the office I would be owning all my small racing cats plus one of those.
Yesterday the news were out and I was surprised that the DNA gang was involved , although they've told me they were working on a secret  a 40' project.

This is definitely a Racer-Cruiser, in that order. A radical approach with wp hulls, curved daggers and T rudders. Milestone in the industry on the concept, lets see how it positionate itself. For the moment I think every catsailor would like to have a ride on the new G4.

Also remarkable to note that Nigel Irens, the main designer for the Gunboat line, was practical enough to tell Gunboat that for this specific concept they also would need to contact some small cat specialists. That is a designer I want in my team, that knows when to delegate.

Comments from Arno Terra / DNA, more insights later on: "I did the hull and appendages, PJ did composites and Rudo did the interior and exterior design.
Peter Johnstone contacted us after he had bought a DNA and after I had suggested him to put curved foils in his next generation of boat.

His vision was to make a big small boat and not a small big boat. He needed us for the small boat technology.
PJ will build the boats at Holland Composites. The boat will be build in pre-preg nomex. That is race technology and the reason the boat can be this light.

It is meant as a day and weekend sailor. Suitable for Wednesday night clubracing, weekend trips, trips to the Bahamma’s and racing in the Caribbean.
The boat fits in between an Extreme 40 and a Sig45. Both in price and performance."
More info at www.gunboat.com & DNA blog