Sep 24, 2013

C-Class Little Cup @Falmouth: Images by Alex Udin

Alex Udin along with Martin Fischer were the brains behind the Flying Phantom, the second attempt from Martin to make a production racing flying boat. That project was featured here in CSN since its conception. Seeing now all that hard work has helped Franck Cammas & Groupama to make an impressive debut at Falmouth must be a great feeling for both.

Groupama C current foils were tested at large on the Flying Phantom platform by Groupama. Yesterday Cammas just destroyed the fleet in 20 knots, foiling upwind with ease, even better than Oracle we can say comparing budgets. But the biggest surprise was how good Groupama started the first day with a 5-6knot breeze, the optimized flying foils didn´t hurt that much in the calm. Still much to go in this Cup, and Hydros seems to be faster than Groupama, but a more complex rigging and setup are holding them back due to handlign at the end of the day.

Fischer said yesterday Groupama went for a more conservative approach than Hydros, to provide the crew less thing to worry about on dynamic trim relegating some optimized final speed, that concept is paying off , lets see how this incredible interesting event ends. All Images Alex Udin / Sail Innovation.

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