Sep 23, 2013

C-Class International Championships @Falmouth Day 1

Training Images : Groupama & Update: C-Class is putting on a Show at Falmouth, Groupama foiling upwind on a level that they ca tip Oracle how to do it better. Live broadcast over for today. Cammas won 3 races, Hydros Besson-Lagarrigue 2nd, and Hydros Heemskerk-Tentij capsized. More info later. 

Below nice talk made by Alan Block from Sailing Anarchy (A little more Csn reading for him will not hurt next time!)  with Steve Killing, (Designer of previous two past Little C Cup, Martin Fischer, Jeremy Lagarrigue (Hydros) ,  Alex Udin & Benjamim Muyl

Today's broadcast  by Sailing Anarchy at Ustream 
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