Sep 14, 2013

Americas Cup: New Zealand's Flip Save.. Nr #2

After an incredible Cup Final start, after all Multis myths were debunked and crushed , and when it seemed that nothing more was left to see.... the AC72s and both teams put on stage an extra bonus show.

It was win or nothing for the americans, and Oracle pushed hard in +20knots of breeze forcing NZ to the limit. Coming from behind since the Start they reached Mark 3 with a 5 sec gap. They forced a split and managed to keep the pace upwind, they were slowly gaining ground in each cross when in one cross New Zealand made the typical bad high breeze bad tack going for a full sideways flip, Glenn Ashby hanged up there and pull the helm as Barker was also in firm position, the rest of the team also working & grinding as nothing happened. It was close and could have cost NZ the Day and basically the entire Cup when being so close. Edit: Check HD images by Gilles Martin Raget, Glenn Ashby might have saved the Day alone

Today I wrote that it was not possible to match this Cup edition if going back to monos, and after this it is even a joke just thinking on going back.

Those failure lobbiers want promotion for sailing? well what else do yo need?
Oracle won by their own right, going full bore and racing as they were 0-0.  Second race of the day was abandoned due to much wind with the Kiwis leading upwind & 100% focused after almost losing it all  . New Zealand will not be able to win the Cup this weekend. I told I was more than happy to be wrong! Larry Ellison too....

Check flip Video here and below. See also race 8 replay Here

All images Americascup broadcast.
My two kids (4 & 8) went nuts when seeing the flip Live "whoaa , wow"  etc, well, the same effect caused by past cups ...