Sep 14, 2013

Americas Cup Final: Oracle vs New Zealand Races 8 & 9 Live

This weekend the Cup will end (More than happy to be wrong!) , and Emirates Team New Zealand will take the Cup home. Multis vs Monos discussion & excuses are over. 
NZ can go back to Monos (Not from a practical and strategic point of view for their own future defend attempts though) No problem if so, but what none will be able to say is that you can´t have close Match Racing in Cats.  I respect others opinions , what I don´t respect are false statements, bad vibes in tragedy & lack of knowledge or minimal research (say at least sail/race a Multi once) to defend a position.

The only thing left is trying to Match what we've seen in this Final, if possible.... The only way would be using the same rule  (no wands, no active trim etc) to have a really solid and simple development base for other teams, but on a smaller scale. This will result in more challengers and more exiting match races like the best ones from NZ & OR, and finally more exposure for Sailing.