Sep 19, 2013

Americas Cup: 1 more for Team New Zealand to take the Cup

Image ACEA/Abner Kingman. More at CSN FB. If Oracle has found the holy grail of speed, Team New Zealand couldn´t care less. Yesterday at race 11 Barker owned Spithill in the start and went to control the race, it was not easy though and Oracle gained again in the upwind leg, but an extra tack close to Mark 3 left them with a 17 gap. They had a split at the gate and Oracle made an impressive straight course on a wind shift to the final reaching Mark. NZ was leading with OR closing ground fast, NZ extra gybe closed the gap to less than 100mts. Both teams needed to slow down and point to reach the mark, and it was a too nervous rounding where all could have changed if the wind shift hold for a few more seconds, that would have opened the door for a direct rounding for Spihill and heart stopping race end.

New Zealand prevailed again, and on pure consistency are 1 point away to take the Cup home.
Several versions circulating, one for 60 Multis with soft sails and the most credible from the source obtained is a return to Monos with an already signed agreement between NZ & Prada.

Whichever the case we will not see the AC72 racing the Cup again in a near future. If they return to monos it will be a shame altogether, cause this kind of entertainment , exposure and appeal for the new generations will be lost in ether. A scaled more viable version of the AC72, even with soft sails will provide the same excitement as shown at Large by the AC45s.

We'll see, for the moment the Kiwis are occupied winning the Cup. 2nd race was abandoned while they were starting due to wind limits. Today the Final continues and Oracle doesn´t have any other alternative than to win every single race from now on.
Check Race 11 Replay below, worth looking it again as almost all races from this final.