Aug 19, 2013

AC34, Louis Vuitton Finals: Weekend Wrapup

- Louis Vuitton Final  between Luna Rossa & New Zealand is tied 1-1
- Both raced and won in solo mode, as both had issues in the races each abandoned. Daggerboards problems for LR and TNZ with failing hydraulics.
- Yesterday 3rd race was cancelled due to wind average above 20knots.
- Emirates Team New Zealand literally survived the most impressive pitch ever in Sailing History. Confirmed by Telemetry they went from 40knots while bearing away airborne to zero in a few seconds , submerging more than 60% of the entire platform (minus wing...)  and two men overboard, no one injured.
- Oracle and TNZ matched forces on a downwind informal run and Oracle blasted the Kiwis.
- TNZ  FOILED UPWIND while racing yesterday before abandoning the race, +25,5 knots upwind.
- Oracle 'Ainslie' lost a rudder while starting a practice race against Spithill while doing a -10knots turn.
- Both Oracle AC72 were speeding (floating mode) upwind in unsteady 15knots TWS: +-23knots
- Both Oracle AC72 were lame in the same 15knots TWS unsteady conditions while going downwind. (Check Sat final leg and mark rounding...)
- Oracle broadcasted practice race from Saturday was really good entertaining with lead changes and a final 30 sec gap that was only due to an awful last mark rounding by OR Ainslie.
- In the end I think we will see some incredible Cup Finals...

Video Replays & links of each item above plus more info, in previous posts and CSN Twitter bar to the right.
More details later.
Today Monday, LV Finals will continue with two races scheduled for LR & TNZ.

Images ACEA / Gilles Martin Raget & Abner Kingman . Click for HD

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