Jul 24, 2013

Hobie Multi Worlds @Travemunde: Day 2

Image Segel-bilder.com - Report sent by Jens Hannemann -- 
Hobie 14 Worlds - day 2, after 8 races:
1. GER 63238 Oliver Stoltenberg 24.0 points
2. AUS 6323
4 Georgia Warren-Myers 32.0 points
3. CAN 63187 Daniel Borg 33.0 points

Hobie Dragoon Worlds - day 2, after 7 races:
1. GER 1032 Tom HEINRICH/Lea Selin ZISLER 6.0 points
2. RSA 868 Brandon WIJTENBURG/Todd FISHER 14.0 points
3. NED 673 Wijbren TACONIS/Christopher DIONISIO 23.0 points

Hobie Tiger Worlds - day 1, after 4 races:
1. AUS 2621 Robbie LOVIG/Andy Dinsdale 4.0 points
2. RSA 2004 Blaine DODDS/Peter DODDS 5.0 points
3. RSA 2287 Allan LAWRENCE/Daniel LAWRENCE 7.0 points

Hobie Wild Cat Worlds - day 1, after 4 races:
1. FRA 550 Emeric Dary/Maxime Blondeau 3.0 points
2. GER 286 Daniel Paysen/Nico Heinrich 7.0 points
3. DEN 233 Daniel Bjørnholt/Nicolaj Bjornholt 8.0 points

Results: http://www.travemuender-woche.com/de/races/2013/lists/index.html

Day 1 Hobie Tiger 7th World Championships
Manufactured by Hobie Cat Europe and introduced in 1995, t 18' long, 8' 6" wide, with a 29' 6" mast and 227 square feet (21 m2) of sail area (452 square feet (42 m2) with the spinnaker). It weighs in at a minimum of 396 lb (180 kg). With 6 countries from 3 continents the Hobie Tiger boost a top international filed.

987 Hobie 14 World Champion Allan Lawrence RSA teams up with his son Danielle for their first world championships together. Daniel comes straight from the ISAF Youth Worlds in Cyprus.

1997 Hobie 16 World Champion Blaine Dodds RSA teams up with son Peter. Blaine has won 18 South African Championships in the Hobie 14 and 16 class. As well as runner up as the Hobie 14 and 16 World Championships to go with his 199& World Championships.

Robbie Lovig AUS will be hoping to move a little higher on the world podium after his bronze medal performance at the 2006 Hobie Tiger worlds in South Africa.

Christoph Beinlich GER is the top ranked European at the worlds with a silver medal at the 2012 Hobie Tiger Europeans.

Day 1 Hobie Wild Cat 1st World Championships
Was introduced to the sailing world in 2009. The boat is optimized for racing, with wave-piercing bows, a flat bottom in the stern for better planing, and thin daggerboards. The Hobie Wild Cat was an instant success and became an ISAF Class in 2011 in under two years since first released. Seven countries from 4 contientants line up for the frst Hobie Wild Cat World Championships

Daniel Bjornholt DEN makes his move from a World Class junior Hobie 16 sailor to the Hobie Wild Cat. Daniel has represented Denmark at ISAF Youth Worlds and at top 20 in the last Hobie 16 Open Worlds.

Frederique Pfeiffer and Françoise Dettling FRA are the only all women team. They are the 2000 Hobie 16 Women’s World Champions.

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