Jun 27, 2013

Oracle AC72 X 2

Image Guilain Grenier. On my IT days this was called a "Mirror" , and I have to say Oracle databases were super robust and reliable. And I could duplicate them in Linux quite easy as a copy-paste.. just like these two , with some additional improvements. More images at CSN FB.--  

Right there is when you start playing with all your resources, Oracle campaign might boost with this, Bundock was onboard and reported best day ever for the Team.

Some anon put a rather bad vibe comment on OR related to pich and rudder rule modifications, at this stage I think no one wants to see any boat pitching again just for the safety of the sailors. 
But I must agree that changing rudders setup rules, (adding mechanic stabilizers) is not fair for other teams like NZ that has no urge in their opinion to change their design at this stage. Edit: The rule as remarked in a comment does not adds mechanical trim while racing, nevertheless the goal and results of changing the rule are exactly the same.

Oracle now with this two boat test can maximize all board tests, although beam and dagger position has changed in boat #2. But they surely will refine and tune both machines. They have a good record on comebacks even in 2010 when their mast was destroyed quite near the event at Valencia.