May 2, 2013

Radio Controlled Multis

Winged, foling RC Multis. Many fanatics out there, and maybe some highend designers should take a look? Videos & info sent by Jens Kruass  ------------
"There are also some other Multi Freaks out there, you probably did not report about yet....
Radio controlled sailing boats are quite common. Even SA reports about them. But there are a few freaks out there in the world, sailing radio controlled Multis. 

Just like any multi, it's kind of an addiction. Keeping them upright is a real challenge. Especially when the wind picks up. Last Weekend we had our season start, with about 15-20 knots of wind...!!!

End of June, we are holding a special regatta at the Lake Brombach in Germany. It's the biggest Regatta in Germany and also in Europe, and I think it's the biggest in the World this time, with over 20 of these, from all over Europe.
Here is a link to our Facebook site, with many more pics:

When I'm not on my A-Cat, I sail these as they pure addiction!
Here a short Video with some pretty nice action. Regards, Jens"

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