May 7, 2013

German & Swiss A-Class Racing weekend Results

Photo: Sascha Wallmer at Lake Thun. Season launch for the Ger, Sui & Aut sailors that will be racing together their Nationals on May 17-20 at Lake Constance. NOR at IACA's website
Info & results below of via Landenberger OD.
"There was a bit of A-Class racing going on the last weekends.
After winning the "Catweekend race" on Lake Thun (SUI), Sascha Wallmer has won the next race on Lake Ammer (Bavaria). Matthias Dietz has won the "Catamarangau race" on Lake Brombach that was held on the same weekend like the Catweekend race.

Last weekend the top German and Swiss and Austrian sailors came together to race on Lake Ammer.

On all 3 races LOD sails took at least the first 3 spots!! We are pretty proud on our sailors! "

1. Sascha Wallmer (Scheurer/Fiberfoam/LOD)
2. Sebastian Moser (Scheurer/Fiberfoam/LOD)
3. Sandro Caviezel (Scheurer/Fiberfoam/LOD)


1. Matthias Dietz
2. Georg Reutter
3. Kaus Raab


1. Sascha Wallmer (Scheurer/Fiberfoam/LOD)
2. Bob Baier (Nikita/Fiberfoam/LOD)
3. Matthias Dietz (Nikita/Fiberfoam/LOD)


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