May 20, 2013

F18 Worlds @Grossetto: 165 Entries confirmed After a first successful event in America with 120 boats, the Class returns to Europe. Italy will host this edition at Marina di Grossetto and 165 boats Confirmed (check link below) and surely more will be entering their registration soon. Remember we are in the Open period, so first come first served. Arg will be sending 6 crews at least and one Uru crew working on getting the boat.
Entry List

There are some requests that I've received:
- Wanted: Brand new Hobie Wildcat to be delivered at Grossetto before the Worlds.
- Offered: Brand new Phantom to be delivered after a charter use (by the current buyer) at the Worlds
- Offered: 1 Windrush Edge available to charter. And others to be sold after the Worlds.

If interested or you know someone who does, contact me and I'll will contact you directly with them.

North Sea Regatta ended as reported in previous F18 post, Mischa Heemskerk-Bastian Tentij won, as no race today due to lack of wind.
Below F18 vid from the Schweriner Cat Cup 2013 sent by Jakob Lenz

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