Apr 7, 2013

The Future of Sailing

Vsail.info it is a great sailing site, with lots of inside info & breaking news. But when they attack Multihulls they just resemble those same people that banned Herreshoff Amaryllis 100yrs ago.
Imagine where we would be in terms of developments by now...

Vsail published: "Is this the future of sailing? Crash & burn catamarans" along the great Arg N17 pitch image by Nico Martinez.

Following Vsail continuous and valid concern on the lack of sponsorship in sailing, I posted in twitter this exciting Star image... and later on his concern on "Crash & Burn"  the Finn one....
Follow link above and check this comment: "Why always such a negative approach to multihull sailing Pierre?
You must really hate your job right now since all of the interesting classes are multi right now, maybe its time to start reporting about another sport? Golf or Curling maybe? "

 ..and I rest my case.

Disclaimer: All Ok with Star & Finn classes, but these images a really good to constrast Vsail's positions.

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